www.DressFunStore.com | List of Products http://www.dressfunstore.com/ Current product information from www.DressFunStore.com en-US Copyright 2020 DressFunStore.com Thu, 27 Feb 2020 15:25:18 -0600 Betty Boop Bottle and Can Beverage Wear - Classic Betty Style by Dress to Chill http://www.dressfunstore.com/betty-boop-bottle-and-can-beverage-wear-classic-betty-style-by-dress-to-chill.html Betty Boop bottle and can beverage wear in classic Betty style, will keep your drink cool until the last sip. Fits most bottles and cans. http://www.dressfunstore.com/betty-boop-bottle-and-can-beverage-wear-classic-betty-style-by-dress-to-chill.html Melissa & Doug Abby & Emma Deluxe Magnetic Dress-Up http://www.dressfunstore.com/melissa-doug-abby-emma-deluxe-magnetic-dress-up.html Abby and Emma love to play dress-up and exchange mix and match outfits. These two wooden, magnetic friends come with stands and hundreds of dress-up options for hours of fun! http://www.dressfunstore.com/melissa-doug-abby-emma-deluxe-magnetic-dress-up.html Off Like a Prom Dress http://www.dressfunstore.com/off-like-a-prom-dress.html Tracks: 1. It's All In My Head 2. Grey Day 3. Waiting For Sun 4. Swept Away 5. Broken Blossom 6. Shimmy 7. So Long 8. Hands Tied 9. Something I Don't Know 10. Firefly 11. ...And Then Goodbye 12. Bon Voyage 13. I Am Here http://www.dressfunstore.com/off-like-a-prom-dress.html BCBGeneration Women's 1 Shoulder Pleat Dress http://www.dressfunstore.com/bcbgeneration-women-s-1-shoulder-pleat-dress.html This embossed one shoulder dress features pleating detail and a body con skirt http://www.dressfunstore.com/bcbgeneration-women-s-1-shoulder-pleat-dress.html Battle Dress http://www.dressfunstore.com/battle-dress.html Based on the authors own experiences as a cadet at the exclusive United States Military Academy at West Point, <i>Battle Dress</i> is the brutally honest tale of seventeen-year-old Andi Davis, who views her acceptance at West Point as a chance to escape her dysfunctional family and prove to herself that she has what it takes to survive The Beast, insider terminology for Basic Training. But nothing could have prepared Andi for the rigors that followor for the inner strength that she will need to succeed as a woman in a nearly all-male society. Compelling and powerful, but never militaristic, this is a tale of triumph that wont fail to move readers. http://www.dressfunstore.com/battle-dress.html Perry Ellis Portfolio 33 Waist x 32 Inseam Dress Slacks Pants - Charcoal http://www.dressfunstore.com/perry-ellis-portfolio-33-waist-x-32-inseam-dress-slacks-pants-charcoal.html Perry Ellis Portfolio 33 Waist x 32 Inseam Pants - Charcoal http://www.dressfunstore.com/perry-ellis-portfolio-33-waist-x-32-inseam-dress-slacks-pants-charcoal.html Be Crafty, Vol. 1, Parts 1 & 2 Crafty Dresses to Make for the 18 inch Doll From Babies' Clothing with a Doll Fashion Show http://www.dressfunstore.com/be-crafty-vol.html Be Crafty, Vol. 1, Parts 1 & 2 Crafty Dresses to Make for the 18 inch Doll From Babies' Clothing with a Doll Fashion Show http://www.dressfunstore.com/be-crafty-vol.html Eglo 88546A Dress, Brushed Aluminum and Chrome/White wiped, 5-Light Pendant Light Fixture http://www.dressfunstore.com/eglo-88546a-dress-brushed-aluminum-and-chrome-white-wiped-5-light-pendant-light-fixture.html Eglo 88546A Dress, Brushed Aluminum and Chrome/White wiped, 5-Light Pendant Light Fixture http://www.dressfunstore.com/eglo-88546a-dress-brushed-aluminum-and-chrome-white-wiped-5-light-pendant-light-fixture.html Truform 15-20 Mens Dress Overcalf, Large, Navy (Pack of 2) http://www.dressfunstore.com/truform-15-20-mens-dress-overcalf-large-navy-pack-of-2.html Dress-style Support Sock, Over-calf, firm support for men. http://www.dressfunstore.com/truform-15-20-mens-dress-overcalf-large-navy-pack-of-2.html Disney Princess Royal Dress Up Trunk (27 Pieces) http://www.dressfunstore.com/disney-princess-royal-dress-up-trunk-27-pieces.html Dress up like Sleeping Beauty, Cinderella & Snow White ! http://www.dressfunstore.com/disney-princess-royal-dress-up-trunk-27-pieces.html We'll Dress the House 2-Part 747510040514 http://www.dressfunstore.com/we-ll-dress-the-house-2-part-747510040514.html We'll Dress the House 2-Part http://www.dressfunstore.com/we-ll-dress-the-house-2-part-747510040514.html See Jane Date (Red Dress Ink) http://www.dressfunstore.com/see-jane-date-red-dress-ink.html A Fancy Affair Bridal Salon <BR>Forest Hills, Queens <P><I>"Did you know that one of your hips is higher than the other?" the seamstress asked me in a totally conversational tone. The bridesmaid to my left eyed me in the mirror, then her gaze dropped to my hips. <P>"I didn't," I said. "I never knew that. But I'm glad yout old me." The seamstress had the decency to look embarrassed. She ducked her head abck down and continued pinning. Perhaps that had been the reason why Blind Dates One, Two and Three hadn't been interested. it wasn't the smoking, after all. it was my Hip Issue. And just my luck that Blind Date Four was with a doctor, whose business it was to notice such deformaties.</I> <P><I>See Jane Date </I> will speak to singles everywhere. At once warm and witty, this look into the life of twenty-eight-year-old assistant editor Jane Gregg, screams, "You are not alone!" <P>Case in point: See Jane . . . <P>--Endure two months of bridesmaid hell for her younger cousin's wedding --Brilliantly dodge being fixed up with Grammy's next door neighbor by fibbing that she, um, already <I>has</I> a boyfriend --Date . . . like crazy to find one suitable guy to bring to said wedding <P>Okay, find one suitable guy to <I>love</I>. Was that so much to ask? http://www.dressfunstore.com/see-jane-date-red-dress-ink.html Lovely Lavender 18"" Doll Dress Costume American 80015 http://www.dressfunstore.com/lovely-lavender-18-doll-dress-costume-american-80015.html Fancy lavender tea party is perfect for your next party. Lavender voile is layered with a satin underskirt. Trimmed with purple satin ribbon and roses. Fits most 18 inch dolls. 100 percent polyester. Hand wash, lay flat to dry. Velcro back closure http://www.dressfunstore.com/lovely-lavender-18-doll-dress-costume-american-80015.html Beaded Tassel Jewelry Tree Dress Form 15"H Green http://www.dressfunstore.com/beaded-tassel-jewelry-tree-dress-form-15-h-green.html The elegant mannequin is dressed in lame top and tassel skirt with beads and rosette details. Poly resin mannequin, 8 metal arms. Easy assembly. No tools required. Approx. 14.5"H. Overall width and depth: 6".It comes in a presentable gift box. http://www.dressfunstore.com/beaded-tassel-jewelry-tree-dress-form-15-h-green.html Fantasia IC Shea Butter Hair-Dress Strenghtening 6 oz. (Case of 6) http://www.dressfunstore.com/fantasia-ic-shea-butter-hair-dress-strenghtening-6-oz.html Fantasia IC Shea Butter Hair-Dress Strenghtening 6 oz. (Case of 6) http://www.dressfunstore.com/fantasia-ic-shea-butter-hair-dress-strenghtening-6-oz.html Sex and the City: The Complete Fourth Season http://www.dressfunstore.com/sex-and-the-city-the-complete-fourth-season.html Each episode of Sex & the City deal with the romantic challenges that single women face when they start seeing the big three oh in the rear view mirror & start finding new suitable mates. These challenges are revealed through the eyes of several friends, each of whom has their own ideas on how to catch Mr. Right. There's Carrie (Sarah Jessica Parker), who pushed the envelope of dating & sex in the name of journalism; Samantha (Kim Catrall), a PR Executive who has seen (& done) it all; Charlotte (Kristin Davis), an art deal who believes love conquers all, despite a tottering marriage; & Miranda (Cynthia Nixon), a lawyer now contemplating motherhood. http://www.dressfunstore.com/sex-and-the-city-the-complete-fourth-season.html Romantic Lace Doll Cocktail Dress Jewelry Stand Black & Purple 14 Inches http://www.dressfunstore.com/romantic-lace-doll-cocktail-dress-jewelry-stand-black-purple-14-inches.html The smaller version of our romantic lace jewelry stand. Featured two metal arms with small loops for hanging earrings and up-straight fountain like wire rack for hanging necklaces, bracelets and pendants. Measured 14 inches in height and this style is available in purple and hot pink. http://www.dressfunstore.com/romantic-lace-doll-cocktail-dress-jewelry-stand-black-purple-14-inches.html Women, Stroke and the Red Dress: Cerebrovascular Disease in Women http://www.dressfunstore.com/women-stroke-and-the-red-dress-cerebrovascular-disease-in-women.html In most age groups, more men than women will have a stroke in a given year. However, more than half of total stroke deaths occur in women. At all ages, more women than men die of stroke. This talk will discuss the reasons for these disparities throughout a women's lifetime. http://www.dressfunstore.com/women-stroke-and-the-red-dress-cerebrovascular-disease-in-women.html Encore 8018131 Dress Shop Hop Software http://www.dressfunstore.com/encore-8018131-dress-shop-hop-software.html In Encore 8018131 Dress Shop Hop help Bobbi, an aspiring fashion designer, make cool custom clothes! Featuring the desire to find that perfect outfit every time, Encore 8018131 Dress Shop Hop incorporates the plate-spinning fun of the Diner Dash series with the added challenge of using a set of wacky machines to make the exact clothing match. Can you keep the customers happy and Bobbi's business afloat? Pay careful attention to what the customer wants, from plain-colored shirts to wacky-patterned skirts. Don't forget they might need accessories like sunglasses or hats, which you can buy with your collected "Fashion Tips". http://www.dressfunstore.com/encore-8018131-dress-shop-hop-software.html Dress Blues http://www.dressfunstore.com/dress-blues.html Dress Blues http://www.dressfunstore.com/dress-blues.html I Love Lucy 5: Best of [VHS] http://www.dressfunstore.com/i-love-lucy-5-best-of-vhs.html I Love Lucy 5: Best of [VHS] http://www.dressfunstore.com/i-love-lucy-5-best-of-vhs.html Vampires In Blue Dresses [Explicit] http://www.dressfunstore.com/vampires-in-blue-dresses-explicit.html Vampires In Blue Dresses [Explicit] http://www.dressfunstore.com/vampires-in-blue-dresses-explicit.html Blue Dress Waltz http://www.dressfunstore.com/blue-dress-waltz.html Blue Dress Waltz http://www.dressfunstore.com/blue-dress-waltz.html Tanabe TDF090 DF210 Dress-Up Form Springs http://www.dressfunstore.com/tanabe-tdf090-df210-dress-up-form-springs.html (2.0in Front, 1.3in Rear) Built for the (02 and up) Lexus ES300... The ultra light-weight, durable, and precise 210 series springs is createc through Tanabe's new technology and state-of-the-art German machinery. DF210 enhances the look by lowering the vehicle up to 2-2 1/2in (50-60mm). Improved ride is achieved by raising the spring rate by 10-15%. http://www.dressfunstore.com/tanabe-tdf090-df210-dress-up-form-springs.html Seiko Men's SGE514 Dress Two-Tone Watch http://www.dressfunstore.com/seiko-men-s-sge514-dress-two-tone-watch.html Stylishly powerful, the Seiko SGE514 two-tone stainless steel men's watch will add a bold emphasis to your business wear. The large, round watch case measures 1.45 inches in diameter. It features a slightly raised bezel that mixes silver and gold-tone stainless steel and has scalloped accents. The gold-tone accents flow into the center of the integrated, contoured bracelet band. The midnight blue dial background has a Guilloche-textured center, a mix of gold dial markers and Roman numerals, and gold baton hands (with second hand). Other features include Japanese quartz movement, date function at 3 o'clock, water resistance to 30 meters (99 feet). http://www.dressfunstore.com/seiko-men-s-sge514-dress-two-tone-watch.html Fine Art Dancer in Rose Dress by Degas Porcelain Fan / Light Pull http://www.dressfunstore.com/fine-art-dancer-in-rose-dress-by-degas-porcelain-fan-light-pull.html Handcrafted to the highest standards by "Decoration Sensation". We also offer matching Outlet Covers, Double Size Switchplates, Triple Size Switchplates, Rocker GFI Covers, Combo Switchplates, Phone and Cable Covers. We guarantee your complete satisfaction or money back. We are sure you will be delighted with these unique items. Items will arrive via USPS and a tracking # will be sent to you. Also Check out our matching Drawer Knobs here on Amazon. http://www.dressfunstore.com/fine-art-dancer-in-rose-dress-by-degas-porcelain-fan-light-pull.html Cocktail Dress Mannequin Jewelry Stand Ruffle Skirt Purple 14.5"H http://www.dressfunstore.com/cocktail-dress-mannequin-jewelry-stand-ruffle-skirt-purple-14.html The mannequin is dressed in glossy vinyl dress. Gorgeous figure. Poly resin stand, 8 metal arms. Easy assembly. No tools required.Approx. 14.5"H. Overall width and depth: 6".It comes in a presentable gift box. http://www.dressfunstore.com/cocktail-dress-mannequin-jewelry-stand-ruffle-skirt-purple-14.html Strawberry Shortcake: Music for Dress Up Days http://www.dressfunstore.com/strawberry-shortcake-music-for-dress-up-days.html Music For Dress Up is full of fun music that will set the mood for anytime you want play dress up. Includes the song's 'Not Like Me', 'An Itty Bitty Scare' and more. Spectrum. 2006. http://www.dressfunstore.com/strawberry-shortcake-music-for-dress-up-days.html Citizen Men's BM6640-57E Eco-Drive Diamond Accented Dress Watch http://www.dressfunstore.com/citizen-men-s-bm6640-57e-eco-drive-diamond-accented-dress-watch.html The elegant Citizen Men's Eco-Drive Dress Watch #BM6640-57E embodies sumptuous style with its diamond-encrusted bezel. The diamonds border the square black dial on two sides, showing off silver-tone indices and hands as well as a date calendar at three o'clock. A stainless steel case and bracelet finish the look with sophistication, while a push-button deployment clasp keeps the watch secure on the wrist. Citizen watches feature conflict-free diamonds, so you can know this watch goes with your ethical standards as well as your style. And because this watch is an Eco-Drive, it is powered by natural and artificial light, offering continuous functionality with no battery. http://www.dressfunstore.com/citizen-men-s-bm6640-57e-eco-drive-diamond-accented-dress-watch.html Leopard Print Cocktail Dress Mannequin Jewelry Stand Brown 14.5"H http://www.dressfunstore.com/leopard-print-cocktail-dress-mannequin-jewelry-stand-brown-14.html The mannequin is dressed in glossy vinyl dress. Gorgeous figure. Poly resin stand, 8 metal arms. Easy assembly. No tools required.Approx. 14.5"H. Overall width and depth: 6".It comes in a presentable gift box. http://www.dressfunstore.com/leopard-print-cocktail-dress-mannequin-jewelry-stand-brown-14.html Abracadabrazoo Kids's Black Super Hero Cape Superhero Party Favor Party Cape Pirate Batman Dress Up Costume Halloween http://www.dressfunstore.com/abracadabrazoo-kids-s-black-super-hero-cape-superhero-party-favor-party-cape-pirate-batman-dress-up-costume-halloween.html <p>You are looking at brand new, black capes to complete your party theme. Priced and sized to be the perfect party favor!</p><p>Iron or sew on to personalize.</p><p>Hand made with care</p><p>Durable and washable.</p><p>Approximately 14" wide x 24" long with 16" ribbon velcro at approximately 9" gathered neck .</p><p>Great lasting party favor for your child's Super Hero birthday party, VBS or fundraiser.</p><p>For year round dress up fun - not just Halloween.</p><p>Approximately 14" x 24"</p><p>Recommended Ages 3-10.</p><p>See other colors and big kid/adult sizes available for sale.</p><p>From a pet free, smoke free environment.</p><p>Fast shipping!</p> http://www.dressfunstore.com/abracadabrazoo-kids-s-black-super-hero-cape-superhero-party-favor-party-cape-pirate-batman-dress-up-costume-halloween.html Three Layer Ballet Dress-Up Fairy Tutu - White http://www.dressfunstore.com/three-layer-ballet-dress-up-fairy-tutu-white.html <BR>This affordable Designed 2B Sweet brand ballet, dress up, tutu can be worn on its own, just for fun, or add some wings & glitter to create a fun fairy costume. Any way you choose to use it the tutu is sure to be a hit.<BR><BR> The below quantity discounts will work in any combination with all of our tutus! Discounts calculated at checkout. <BR><BR>|Quantity To Purchase| Discount Amount<BR>|Purchase 10-20| 10% Discount<BR>|Purchase 21+| 20% Discount<BR> http://www.dressfunstore.com/three-layer-ballet-dress-up-fairy-tutu-white.html How to Never Look Fat Again: Over 1,000 Ways to Dress Thinner--Without Dieting! http://www.dressfunstore.com/how-to-never-look-fat-again-over-1-000-ways-to-dress-thinner-without-dieting.html The new groundbreaking style-guide from bestseller author Charla Krupp on how to look 10 pounds lighter, 10 years younger and 10 times sexier every day, all year--in summer, winter, at the gym, even in a swimsuit!<br><br>You'll never get dressed the same way again once you discover:<br><br>*smart, easy ways to hide arm flap, a big bust, a muffin top, back fat, Buddha belly, a big booty, wide hips, thunder thighs, and heavy calves-and that's only half the book.<br><br>*which fabrics, colors, and styles make women look fat<br><br>*absolutely the best shades, shapes, and brilliant buys to make the pounds invisible<br><br>*clever solutions for special fashion situations--workout gear, evening wear, and even swimsuits!<br><br>*which products, fashions, and services you shouldn't waste your money on<br><br>*the top ten tips that will make you look thinner by tonight! <br><br>So, if you've ever put on a piece of clothing and asked "Does this make me look fat?" Finally, here is the book that will answer your question. http://www.dressfunstore.com/how-to-never-look-fat-again-over-1-000-ways-to-dress-thinner-without-dieting.html Sleeping Beauty Dress with Wondercharms Necklace - MEDIUM (3-5) http://www.dressfunstore.com/sleeping-beauty-dress-with-wondercharms-necklace-medium-3-5.html This beautiful two tone dress has a bright pink crushed velvet bodice with silver trim that meets light pink velvet sleeves. An iridescent collar with rose accents matches delicate hip drapes over a bright pink china silk underskirt. The bodice is stretchy to accommodate most body sizes. Also included is a crown shaped Wondercharms necklace to add to your little girls fun. Child's Size MEDIUM: Ages 3-5; 32" From Shoulder to Floor http://www.dressfunstore.com/sleeping-beauty-dress-with-wondercharms-necklace-medium-3-5.html Pulsar Tiger Eye Dress Sport 26 Swarovski Crystal Ladies Watch http://www.dressfunstore.com/pulsar-tiger-eye-dress-sport-26-swarovski-crystal-ladies-watch.html Pulsar Tiger Eye Dress Sport 26 Swarovski Crystal Ladies Watch. http://www.dressfunstore.com/pulsar-tiger-eye-dress-sport-26-swarovski-crystal-ladies-watch.html 1997-2004 Corvette Rear Dress-Up Plate Stainless Steel Polished http://www.dressfunstore.com/1997-2004-corvette-rear-dress-up-plate-stainless-steel-polished.html 9 x 6 inch, polished stainless steel Corvette Central #: 115579 Car years: 1997, 1998, 1999, 2000, 2001, 2002, 2003, 2004 http://www.dressfunstore.com/1997-2004-corvette-rear-dress-up-plate-stainless-steel-polished.html Bella Women's Cory Vintage T-Shirt Dress http://www.dressfunstore.com/bella-women-s-cory-vintage-t-shirt-dress.html A first in the Bella collection, our dress is a stand-out piece worn alone or layered over jeans or leggings. Our vintage washed fabrication drapes on the body and is truly unique. http://www.dressfunstore.com/bella-women-s-cory-vintage-t-shirt-dress.html Ceiling Fan 52 Inch: Princess Dress Up - Castle, Crown, Wand, Dress http://www.dressfunstore.com/ceiling-fan-52-inch-princess-dress-up-castle-crown-wand-dress.html Ceiling fan comes complete with a light kit and 4 themed blades. Fan size is 52 inches, and is suitable for room sizes of 100 sqft. up to 400 sqft. A 3-globe light fixture is included (each globe uses up to a 60 watt bulb - not included). May be used with or without light fixture. Also includes a mounting kit (may be hung with down rod or as a ceiling hugger). Includes a 4 inch downrod...additional length may be purchased at a home inprovement store. Ceiling to blade clearance is 7 inches hugger mounted, and 11.5 inches with downrod. Fan operates at 3 speeds, either forward or reverse. Features white brackets and fan body. Fan motor manufactured by the Aloha Fan Company, and has a limited lifetime warranty. Fan has 2 pull chains...perfect for Sweet Pea Gallery's Ceramic Fan Pulls. Also check out Sweet Pea Gallery's coordinating Ceramic Switch Plates! http://www.dressfunstore.com/ceiling-fan-52-inch-princess-dress-up-castle-crown-wand-dress.html Mango Women's Dress Zipper http://www.dressfunstore.com/mango-women-s-dress-zipper.html Mango Women's Dress Zipper http://www.dressfunstore.com/mango-women-s-dress-zipper.html Why Is Daddy in a Dress?: Asking Awkward Questions with Baby Animals http://www.dressfunstore.com/why-is-daddy-in-a-dress-asking-awkward-questions-with-baby-animals.html <P>Are you a hooker? </P> http://www.dressfunstore.com/why-is-daddy-in-a-dress-asking-awkward-questions-with-baby-animals.html Jenny in a Dress http://www.dressfunstore.com/jenny-in-a-dress.html Jenny in a Dress http://www.dressfunstore.com/jenny-in-a-dress.html Brand New Simpsons Mouse Pad Fat Homer in a Dress http://www.dressfunstore.com/brand-new-simpsons-mouse-pad-fat-homer-in-a-dress.html A great collector item or a perfect gift. It measures 8" by 9 3/8" rectangular shaped with slightly rounded corners and is 1/4" thick. The mouse pad is made with "easy clean" 100% polyester fabric tops. (high quality open cell neoprene rubber, not foam). http://www.dressfunstore.com/brand-new-simpsons-mouse-pad-fat-homer-in-a-dress.html 6-Day Body Makeover: Drop One Whole Dress or Pant Size in Just 6 Days--and Keep It Off http://www.dressfunstore.com/6-day-body-makeover-drop-one-whole-dress-or-pant-size-in-just-6-days-and-keep-it-off.html DESCRIPTION: Lightning fast weight loss is now a reality with the 6-DAY BODY MAKEOVER. The secret to Thurmond's bestselling, rapid fat-loss program is customization. By tailoring a regimen to an individual's unique body type and metabolism, the program delivers dramatic results, making it easy for virtually anyone to lose a whole dress or pant size in just six days. Thurmond's exclusive "blueprinting system" helps identify your individual body type so that you can select just the right foods in the right combination to trigger fast weight loss. With customized meal plans, menus and recipes, fat burning exercise secrets, a maintenance plan, and more, readers will be amazed at the difference six days can make. http://www.dressfunstore.com/6-day-body-makeover-drop-one-whole-dress-or-pant-size-in-just-6-days-and-keep-it-off.html Ann Stokes Strip Tease #19 Blue dress (uncensored/erotic) http://www.dressfunstore.com/ann-stokes-strip-tease-19-blue-dress-uncensored-erotic.html Ann Stokes Strip Tease #19 Blue dress<br>115 images. Watch as Ann strips fully nude.<br>Ann is a 100% natural DD cup, 511 tall slender beauty. Enjoy a behind-the-scenes look at this uncensored collection of erotic photo shoot images.<br><br>WARNING: Contains full nudity<br> http://www.dressfunstore.com/ann-stokes-strip-tease-19-blue-dress-uncensored-erotic.html "Balloon Dress Basics" Balloon Twisting DVD http://www.dressfunstore.com/balloon-dress-basics-balloon-twisting-dvd.html Balloon fashions have been all the rage in Europe and Asia, and have recently gained popularity in the United States. And now you can jump on board the balloon couture band-wagon with "Balloon Dress Basics". Over the course of this instructional DVD, award winning dress designer Debbie Stevens, CBA, takes you through the process of how to make your own dress. This video is a must for any hardcore balloon twister, so get your 160s out and start weaving! http://www.dressfunstore.com/balloon-dress-basics-balloon-twisting-dvd.html Dress Up Buttercup Wallpaper Border http://www.dressfunstore.com/dress-up-buttercup-wallpaper-border.html The background is in soft battery yellow. The bandings are in juicy blue and green. Size: 6,88 inches (17.48 cm) wide and 15 feet long (4,57 m). http://www.dressfunstore.com/dress-up-buttercup-wallpaper-border.html VW Bug, Beetle Baja Basic Chrome Engine Dress Up Kit http://www.dressfunstore.com/vw-bug-beetle-baja-basic-chrome-engine-dress-up-kit.html VW Bug, Beetle Baja Basic Chrome Engine Dress Up Kit http://www.dressfunstore.com/vw-bug-beetle-baja-basic-chrome-engine-dress-up-kit.html Seiko Women's SWZ058 Dress Gold-Tone Watch http://www.dressfunstore.com/seiko-women-s-swz058-dress-gold-tone-watch.html This attractive ladies watch is crafted from gold-toned stainless steel and features a gold dial set in a fluted gold-toned bezel. Other features include three-hand function with luminous hands and markers and an English/Spanish day-date window at the three oclock position. The gold-toned bracelet-style band is crafted from links of stainless steel and fastens with a fold over clasp. This watch features Japan quartz movement and is water resistant to 30 meters. http://www.dressfunstore.com/seiko-women-s-swz058-dress-gold-tone-watch.html Best Dress http://www.dressfunstore.com/best-dress.html Best Dress http://www.dressfunstore.com/best-dress.html The Little Black Dress Wall Calendar 2011 By Catch Publishing [Size:12"x12"] http://www.dressfunstore.com/the-little-black-dress-wall-calendar-2011-by-catch-publishing-size-12-x12.html From Coco Chanel's first creation to the present day, women have loved the mystery, style and seductiveness of wearing a chic and sexy little black number. http://www.dressfunstore.com/the-little-black-dress-wall-calendar-2011-by-catch-publishing-size-12-x12.html Barbie Doll Dresses - The Spring Formal Collection (3 Dress Set) - DOLLS NOT INCLUDED http://www.dressfunstore.com/barbie-doll-dresses-the-spring-formal-collection-3-dress-set-dolls-not-included.html A beautiful three dress set that will prepare your child's dolls for any formal occasion. http://www.dressfunstore.com/barbie-doll-dresses-the-spring-formal-collection-3-dress-set-dolls-not-included.html Futuro Support Socks Men's Dress Socks, Medium, Navy, Firm, 1-Pair Boxes (Pack of 2) http://www.dressfunstore.com/futuro-support-socks-men-s-dress-socks-medium-navy-firm-1-pair-boxes-pack-of-2.html 20-30 mm/Hg Compression (The mean compression for an average ankle size). Doctor Recommended for: Tired, achy legs. Futuro Men's Firm Support Socks take you beyond everyday support. Our medically proven Graduated Compression knitting technology energizes http://www.dressfunstore.com/futuro-support-socks-men-s-dress-socks-medium-navy-firm-1-pair-boxes-pack-of-2.html Second Sight: Cinequest Short Films, Vol. 3 http://www.dressfunstore.com/second-sight-cinequest-short-films-vol.html Watch as the stories of a toddler, an abused woman, an uncoventional couple, an Iraqi-American marine, a corporate worker, a disenfranchised youth, and the world through a moving camera unveil themselves. http://www.dressfunstore.com/second-sight-cinequest-short-films-vol.html Cut Out Opaque Mini Dress http://www.dressfunstore.com/cut-out-opaque-mini-dress.html Elegant Moments Cut Out Opaque Mini Dress Sexy Lingerie http://www.dressfunstore.com/cut-out-opaque-mini-dress.html 1830's, 1840's, and 1850's Dress Men's Dress Coat Pattern http://www.dressfunstore.com/1830-s-1840-s-and-1850-s-dress-men-s-dress-coat-pattern.html 1830's, 1840's, and 1850's Dress Men's Dress Coat. Multisized 36-50" chest. Three collar and lapel options to take you from 1830-1850. Requires 4 3/4 yards of 45" fabric and lining. http://www.dressfunstore.com/1830-s-1840-s-and-1850-s-dress-men-s-dress-coat-pattern.html Jobst SupportWear Mens Dress Socks,8-15mmHg,Navy,Medium http://www.dressfunstore.com/jobst-supportwear-mens-dress-socks-8-15mmhg-navy-medium.html SKU NUMBER: 684100The Mininimum EXP date on product: 1year.TITLE DESCRIPTION: Jobst SupportWear Mens Dress Socks, 8-15 mmHg Compression, Navy color, Size: Medium - 1 Pair.MANUFACTURER:BEIERSDORF-JOBST INC.PRODUCT DESCRIPTION:Jobst SupportWear Mens Dress Socks, 8-15 MmHg Compression, Navy color, Size: Medium (8 1/2 - 10) Jobst Men's Dress Socks are stylish socks designed for both business and more relaxed settings. Jobst Men's Dress delivers unparalleled comfort in a lightweight, ribbed design. Made from soft, yet durable Lycra and Tactel yarns, Jobst Men's Dress provides ample room in the heel and toe area for added comfort and an optimal fit. http://www.dressfunstore.com/jobst-supportwear-mens-dress-socks-8-15mmhg-navy-medium.html Mud Pie Baby Buds Tutu Dress, Pink, 0 - 6 Months http://www.dressfunstore.com/mud-pie-baby-buds-tutu-dress-pink-0-6-months.html Pink Buds Tutu Dress http://www.dressfunstore.com/mud-pie-baby-buds-tutu-dress-pink-0-6-months.html Ten Dollar Dress http://www.dressfunstore.com/ten-dollar-dress.html Ten Dollar Dress http://www.dressfunstore.com/ten-dollar-dress.html The American Girls Dress Designer (PC) http://www.dressfunstore.com/the-american-girls-dress-designer-pc.html You're the designer! Dress the American Girls in clothes you create yourself! http://www.dressfunstore.com/the-american-girls-dress-designer-pc.html The Skinny: How to Fit into Your Little Black Dress Forever http://www.dressfunstore.com/the-skinny-how-to-fit-into-your-little-black-dress-forever.html <b>Eat what you love and love how you look! Let the girls show you how it's done.</b><p>If your two favorite girlfriends wrote a hilarious, insightful book about how to look and feel fabulous without denying yourself the pleasure of great food, it would look just like this! The authors bring their unique perspectives (girl-about-town and mother of twins) to show how, whatever your lifestyle, you can balance eating smart and eating rich, and still look amazing in that little black dress. No strict rules, no boring talk about glycemic index, just savvy advice, complete meal plans, and more than 75 amazing recipes, plus an emergencies-only The Little Black Dress Diet-how to eat when you absolutely must fit into your dress by the weekend.<p> http://www.dressfunstore.com/the-skinny-how-to-fit-into-your-little-black-dress-forever.html Mango Women's Dress Florida http://www.dressfunstore.com/mango-women-s-dress-florida.html Mango Women's Dress Florida http://www.dressfunstore.com/mango-women-s-dress-florida.html Seiko Women's SXDB76 Rose Gold Finish White Mother Of Pearl Dial Dress Watch http://www.dressfunstore.com/seiko-women-s-sxdb76-rose-gold-finish-white-mother-of-pearl-dial-dress-watch.html . . . . Stainless steel case and bracelet with rose gold-tone accents . . Genuine Mother of Pearl Dial . . Date window at the 3 o'clock position . . Curved Hardlex mineral glass crystal . . Water resistant to 50 Meters (165 feet) . . Bracelet features a deployment clasp with push button release . . 27mm Case width (Approximately 1 1/16") . . http://www.dressfunstore.com/seiko-women-s-sxdb76-rose-gold-finish-white-mother-of-pearl-dial-dress-watch.html Singer DF151_G Adjustable Dress Form, Gray, Medium http://www.dressfunstore.com/singer-df151-g-adjustable-dress-form-gray-medium.html Singer's dress form may be just the sewing companion you need. This adjustable form allows for pattern adjustments, better fitting and alterations, and an opportunity to creativly work with your fabrics to see how they will drape and hang on the body. 12 dials allow for changes to the body including settings at the neck for smooth collars and necklines. Height is also adjustable and it includes a hem guage to mark the hemline for skirts and dresses. The DF151G has a gray fabric cover to allow pins to be used onto the form. The size range is 39" - 45" at the bust, 30" - 36.5" at the waist, and 40" - 46" at the hip. http://www.dressfunstore.com/singer-df151-g-adjustable-dress-form-gray-medium.html Mizuno Men's Wave Alchemy 9 Running Shoe http://www.dressfunstore.com/mizuno-men-s-wave-alchemy-9-running-shoe.html Men's MIZUNO WAVE ALCHEMY 9 :: Deeper flex grooves and a more decoupled heel add softer, natural-feeling cushioning to the perfect amount of stability. The men's Mizuno Wave Alchemy 9 features a new, premium Ortholite sockliner for more responsive cushion. Men-specific fit. 11.9 oz. http://www.dressfunstore.com/mizuno-men-s-wave-alchemy-9-running-shoe.html DAZZ Hanging Dress Wardrobe with Cedar, Natural Canvas http://www.dressfunstore.com/dazz-hanging-dress-wardrobe-with-cedar-natural-canvas.html Heavy duty canvas garment wardrobe is just the right size for skirts, blouses, dresses, coats, pants, men's shirts and men's suits. Cedar insert keeps clothing safe from odors, insects, mildew and other detriments. Hangs over your closet rod to separate, protect and organize your special garments. The see-through zippered front makes this a storage solution for everyday use as well as seasonal clothes storage. The garment bag is made of durable, breathable canvas with a full length self correcting zipper for easy access to clothing. http://www.dressfunstore.com/dazz-hanging-dress-wardrobe-with-cedar-natural-canvas.html ALARM CONTROLS DUC6C 1200S MAGNETIC LOCK DRESS-UP COVR POLISH http://www.dressfunstore.com/alarm-controls-duc6c-1200s-magnetic-lock-dress-up-covr-polish.html 1200S MAGNETIC LOCK DRESS -UP COVER, POLISHED CHROME http://www.dressfunstore.com/alarm-controls-duc6c-1200s-magnetic-lock-dress-up-covr-polish.html Mink Dress & Other Cats http://www.dressfunstore.com/mink-dress-other-cats.html Milwaukee's Plasticland emerged in 1980 from the ashes of Arousing Polaris. This compilation of their singles is an absolute classic of the 'Paisley Underground' and 'Power Pop' genres. 19 tracks. http://www.dressfunstore.com/mink-dress-other-cats.html Dress Shields 10-Pads Behind The Seams Sweat Protectors - Hollywood Fashion Tape #BTS2-000713 http://www.dressfunstore.com/dress-shields-10-pads-behind-the-seams-sweat-protectors-hollywood-fashion-tape-bts2-000713.html This Dress Shields 10-Pads Behind The Seams Sweat Protectors - Hollywood Fashion Tape #BTS10FLAT will save you embarassment and dry-cleaning bills with thee petal soft self-adhesive shields. Remember those big pads that you somehow stuck to your bra strap (or something) so that you would not have wet underarms. They were not very pleasant, nor very effective . . . and then you had to throw them in the washing machine. I think I wore them to my 6th grade dance. But times have changed and Hollywood Fashion Tape has come through with another great product.<br><br>These disposable, super thin dress shields are soft and feminine, taking advantage of the latest technology in absorbent fibers. Each garment protecting pad has Hollywood's famous fashion tape adhesive strip on the outside of the pad. You simply adhere the shield to your underarm seam to keep in place. The outside of the dress shield is moisture-proof while the inside is soft like a baby's diaper. When done wearing you simply discard.<br><br>So what do you use them for? Well if you have a heavy perspiration problem, these are not your answer. But, if you want to save your favorite silk dress or blouse, want to cut down on dry-cleaning bills, simply need extra protection with certain colors and fabrics, or really want to make sure there is no embarrassing wetness for that important speech, meeting or interview these are absolutely perfect. Kudos to Hollywood Fashion Tape!<br><br>Size: 10 Pads (5 Pair) <--> Color: White http://www.dressfunstore.com/dress-shields-10-pads-behind-the-seams-sweat-protectors-hollywood-fashion-tape-bts2-000713.html Bear Dress Up Puzzle http://www.dressfunstore.com/bear-dress-up-puzzle.html 3 years & up. This friendly bear puzzle features 18 interchangeable pieces, including six adorable coordination outfits and six varying expressions that can be mixed and matched for hour of fun! A solid-wooden box houses all wooden puzzle pieces making this ideal for travel, home or school. Measures 6" x 5" x 1.5". http://www.dressfunstore.com/bear-dress-up-puzzle.html Sweet Heart Rose Short Sleeve Dressy Dress, Pink Multi, 12 Months http://www.dressfunstore.com/sweet-heart-rose-short-sleeve-dressy-dress-pink-multi-12-months.html Sweet Heart Rose Short Sleeve Dressy Dress, Pink Multi, 12 Months http://www.dressfunstore.com/sweet-heart-rose-short-sleeve-dressy-dress-pink-multi-12-months.html Tassel Dress Jewelry Tree 15"H Burgundy http://www.dressfunstore.com/tassel-dress-jewelry-tree-15-h-burgundy.html The elegant mannequin is dressed in lame top and tassel skirt with beads and rosette details. Poly resin mannequin, 8 metal arms. Easy assembly. No tools required. Approx. 14.5"H. Overall width and depth: 6".It comes in a presentable gift box. http://www.dressfunstore.com/tassel-dress-jewelry-tree-15-h-burgundy.html Rose Ballet Tutu Lime Green Great Tutu for Fairy Princess Dress Up http://www.dressfunstore.com/rose-ballet-tutu-lime-green-great-tutu-for-fairy-princess-dress-up.html This stunning tutu has a rose at the waist center and floating rose petals inside. This double layered tutu measures 12" long and has a stretchy waist. Choose from fuchsia, pink, white, red, blue, yellow, purple, lavender, turquoise or light blue http://www.dressfunstore.com/rose-ballet-tutu-lime-green-great-tutu-for-fairy-princess-dress-up.html Barbie: A Fashion Fairytale (Deluxe DVD Edition with Barbie Dress) http://www.dressfunstore.com/barbie-a-fashion-fairytale-deluxe-dvd-edition-with-barbie-dress.html Join Barbie in a colorful, modern-day fairytale filled with fashion, friends and fun!<p>Barbie and her dog, Sequin, jet off to visit her aunt's amazing fashion house in Paris, and much to her surprise it's about to be shut down forever. After she discovers three enchanting Flairies with sparkle-magic powers, Barbie comes up with a brilliant idea to save the business. She even inspires Alice, a shy fashion designer, and together they create a dazzling runway fashion show. Barbie shows that magic happens when you believe in yourself.<p>This special edition DVD set includes an exclusive <i>Barbie: A Fashion Fairytale</i> dress! http://www.dressfunstore.com/barbie-a-fashion-fairytale-deluxe-dvd-edition-with-barbie-dress.html DESIGNERLINERS DECORATIVE BIODEGRADABLE WASTEBASKET LINERS PINK POLKA DOT 12-PACK - "DRESS THE MESS" http://www.dressfunstore.com/designerliners-decorative-biodegradable-wastebasket-liners-pink-polka-dot-12-pack-dress-the-mess.html DESIGNERLINERS DECORATIVE BIODEGRADABLE WASTEBASKET LINERS PINK POLKA DOT 12-PACK - "DRESS THE MESS" http://www.dressfunstore.com/designerliners-decorative-biodegradable-wastebasket-liners-pink-polka-dot-12-pack-dress-the-mess.html Armitron Men's 204406SVSV Automatic Silver-Tone Round black Dial Dress Watch http://www.dressfunstore.com/armitron-men-s-204406svsv-automatic-silver-tone-round-black-dial-dress-watch.html Mns Auto Skeleton SS Brclt w/Slvr Gears http://www.dressfunstore.com/armitron-men-s-204406svsv-automatic-silver-tone-round-black-dial-dress-watch.html Dress E-Z Dressing Aid 24 with Shoehorn - 10602 http://www.dressfunstore.com/dress-e-z-dressing-aid-24-with-shoehorn-10602.html 24 Long * Versatile push-pull S-hook with non-slip cap allows for better control when handling clothing * Smooth and rounded push hook slides safely along skin * Big soft foam handle * Inside shaft is resilient plastic which will flex if accidentally sat on or stepped on * Durable and long lasting * The very economical price is less than the traditional stick and shoehorn * The DressEZ can reach clothes hangers from clothing rods high in closets as well as pick up clothing from the floor or reach shoes from under the bed * Help pull on clothes after surgery * The shoehorn is narrow enough for dress shoes * The S-hook helps to put on and take off socks too * Lightweight - this 24 model weighs 4.4oz (124g) * http://www.dressfunstore.com/dress-e-z-dressing-aid-24-with-shoehorn-10602.html Marilyn Monroe Black Dress Long Wallet /Check Book Cover Bonus Cellphone Charm http://www.dressfunstore.com/marilyn-monroe-black-dress-long-wallet-check-book-cover-bonus-cellphone-charm.html Marilyn Monroe wallet with check book cover, magnetic snap. http://www.dressfunstore.com/marilyn-monroe-black-dress-long-wallet-check-book-cover-bonus-cellphone-charm.html POP Beauty - Little BLACK Dress http://www.dressfunstore.com/pop-beauty-little-black-dress.html Time to dress up your makeup! <p>Ever dreamed about a makeup kit as foolproof and celebrated as your favorite sexy little black dress? This is it! Sometimes small packages have the most dynamic content! This is certainly true for this little book of magic. Timeless classic Beauty is just a few sweeps away with POP Beauty Little BLACK Dress. <p><b>Net Weight:</b> 12.7 g/0.45 oz. http://www.dressfunstore.com/pop-beauty-little-black-dress.html Survey Of Historic Costume: A History Of Western Dress http://www.dressfunstore.com/survey-of-historic-costume-a-history-of-western-dress.html This bestseller brings the authors' analysis of Western dress up to date and adds a number of new features. Survey of Historic Costume, 4th Edition, is a basic text for readers who want an overview and chronology of costume, discussing the dress of each era within its historical, cultural and economic contexts. http://www.dressfunstore.com/survey-of-historic-costume-a-history-of-western-dress.html Aqua Blue Dress Jewelry Stand - 14"H http://www.dressfunstore.com/aqua-blue-dress-jewelry-stand-14-h.html Display your jewelry on this elegant doll jewelry tree. Dress is made of fabric with sequins and beads details. Great for jewelry store display or home decor.17"H x 6.5"W. Gift boxed. http://www.dressfunstore.com/aqua-blue-dress-jewelry-stand-14-h.html Memoirs of a Scandalous Red Dress http://www.dressfunstore.com/memoirs-of-a-scandalous-red-dress.html <p> Lady Philippa Knolles has loved Captain Thomas "Dash" Dashwell since he first stole a kiss from her on a smuggler's beach near Hastings. Now after what seems like a lifetime of waiting, Pippin is offered a chance to renew her scandalous affair with Dash. But the man from that first heady kiss and the man she rediscovers all these years later are hardly the same. Tucked away in the back of her closet is a red dress, the one she wore long ago to win his heart . . . . Could it have enough memories left inside it to rekindle a passion she's never forgotten? </p> http://www.dressfunstore.com/memoirs-of-a-scandalous-red-dress.html Long Cool Woman (In A Black Dress) (2003 Digital Remaster) http://www.dressfunstore.com/long-cool-woman-in-a-black-dress-2003-digital-remaster.html Long Cool Woman (In A Black Dress) (2003 Digital Remaster) http://www.dressfunstore.com/long-cool-woman-in-a-black-dress-2003-digital-remaster.html Silver Metallic Paillette Evening Dress Jewelry Stand 14.5"H http://www.dressfunstore.com/silver-metallic-paillette-evening-dress-jewelry-stand-14.html The mannequin is dressed in vinyl top and paillette dress. Gorgeous slim & tall figure. Poly resin stand, 8 metal arms. Easy assembly. No tools required.Approx. 14.5"H. Overall width and depth: 6".It comes in a presentable gift box. http://www.dressfunstore.com/silver-metallic-paillette-evening-dress-jewelry-stand-14.html Best Dress Pretty Looks http://www.dressfunstore.com/best-dress-pretty-looks.html Best Dress Pretty Looks http://www.dressfunstore.com/best-dress-pretty-looks.html Pylones Lady Manicure Nail File w/ Suction Cup for Mounting - Pink Dress http://www.dressfunstore.com/pylones-lady-manicure-nail-file-w-suction-cup-for-mounting-pink-dress.html Lovely hand painted lady in a pink dress adorns this fancy and functional nail file. You won't misplace this file. A colorful suction cup is included to suction onto a mirror or any flat surface. About Pylones: Pylones of Paris is a fun line of unique and charming items for the home, office, kids and more. Their items make creative gifts and will add charm to your home with their delightful design. http://www.dressfunstore.com/pylones-lady-manicure-nail-file-w-suction-cup-for-mounting-pink-dress.html Mud Pie Baby Tiny Dancer Ribbon Tutu Dress, Pink, 12 - 18 Months http://www.dressfunstore.com/mud-pie-baby-tiny-dancer-ribbon-tutu-dress-pink-12-18-months.html You can never have too many ruffles...from the Tiny Dancer Collection by Mud Pie, this adorable little dress in a soft white cotton with an abundant pink tulle ruffled skirt will make everyone smile and give it that extra feminine touch. Fits size 12-18 month. Machine wash http://www.dressfunstore.com/mud-pie-baby-tiny-dancer-ribbon-tutu-dress-pink-12-18-months.html Purple over Green Dress Metal Garden Fairy Gift Stake http://www.dressfunstore.com/purple-over-green-dress-metal-garden-fairy-gift-stake.html Our adorable Purple over Green Dress Metal Garden Fairy Gift Stake is a great accent to a potted plant. Add it to your yard art and she enchants all who see her! She stands 7" high and comes with a 10" stake. http://www.dressfunstore.com/purple-over-green-dress-metal-garden-fairy-gift-stake.html Disney's Princess Magical Dress-Up http://www.dressfunstore.com/disney-s-princess-magical-dress-up.html Girls can appear on screen as the princess of their dreams. With Ariel, Belle or Jasmine as their guide, girls get to make their own My Virtual Model princess by selecting from several different hair styles and skin tones -- they can even import a photo of their own face! http://www.dressfunstore.com/disney-s-princess-magical-dress-up.html Fox Racing Luxe Girls Casual Wear Dress - Color: Heather Grey, Size: X-Small http://www.dressfunstore.com/fox-racing-luxe-girls-casual-wear-dress-color-heather-grey-size-x-small.html <ul><li>Feel luxurious in this Fox dress</li><li>Rose with chains and logo design on side</li><li>Accent rhinestuds and foil details</li><li>Front overlaying flap design</li><li>55% cotton, 45% modal</li></ul> http://www.dressfunstore.com/fox-racing-luxe-girls-casual-wear-dress-color-heather-grey-size-x-small.html Big Blue Dress http://www.dressfunstore.com/big-blue-dress.html Big Blue Dress by Cranius<p><i>This product is manufactured on demand using CD-R recordable media. Amazon.com's standard return policy will apply.</i></p> http://www.dressfunstore.com/big-blue-dress.html The Party Dress Book: How to Sew the Best Dress in the Room http://www.dressfunstore.com/the-party-dress-book-how-to-sew-the-best-dress-in-the-room.html <b>The best dress. In any room. On any occasion. Thats a promise.</b><br><br>Attention fashionistas, glamourattis, and twirling enthusiasts everywhere: <i>The Party Dress Book</i> is the book youve been waiting for. Get an inside look at the inspiration, work, and techniques of creative dressmaking of celebrated New York designer Mary Adams. A unique combination of striking and wearable, Marys gorgeous dresses are a glam departure from the norm. In this book, youll learn the secrets to designing her trademark wearable decadence and how to sew your own delicious creations. <br><br>Start with Marys influences, process as a creative dressmaker, and essential techniques, and then move into step-by-step instruction on how to produce a scene-stealer of your own. With Marys straightforward, self-taught techniques, classic and customizable pattern, and inspired whimsy, making jaw-dropping dresses is simple and fun. The real work will be feigning modesty when you say, Oh, this dress? I made it myself. http://www.dressfunstore.com/the-party-dress-book-how-to-sew-the-best-dress-in-the-room.html Pulsar Black Dial Silver Tone Stainless Bracelet Dress Mens Watch http://www.dressfunstore.com/pulsar-black-dial-silver-tone-stainless-bracelet-dress-mens-watch.html Pulsar Black Dial Silver Tone Stainless Bracelet Dress Mens Watch. http://www.dressfunstore.com/pulsar-black-dial-silver-tone-stainless-bracelet-dress-mens-watch.html Ashley Arthur .925 Silver Light Siam Swarovski Crystal "Little Red Dress" Pendant http://www.dressfunstore.com/ashley-arthur.html Ashley Arthur .925 Silver Light Siam Swarovski Crystal "Little Red Dress" Pendant comes with a fine Italian 16 or 18 inch Silver Chain! Please email us with the length you need. http://www.dressfunstore.com/ashley-arthur.html Barbie Doll Dresses - The Red Carpet Collection (3 Dress Set) - DOLLS NOT INCLUDED http://www.dressfunstore.com/barbie-doll-dresses-the-red-carpet-collection-3-dress-set-dolls-not-included.html Barbie Doll Dresses - The Red Carpet Collection (3 Dress Set) - DOLLS NOT INCLUDED http://www.dressfunstore.com/barbie-doll-dresses-the-red-carpet-collection-3-dress-set-dolls-not-included.html Vogue Patterns V8685 Misses' Dress, Size AA (6-8-10-12) http://www.dressfunstore.com/vogue-patterns-v8685-misses-dress-size-aa-6-8-10-12.html MISSES' DRESS: Close-fitting, mid-knee or below mid-calf length dresses A, B, C, D, E, F have bodice with pleats and darts, midriff, yoke, topstitched trim and back zipper. A, B, D, E: cap raglan sleeves. C, F: long raglan sleeves. A, B, C: tapered, back slit and stitched hem. D, E, F: flared with narrow hem. NOTIONS: Dress A, B, C, D, E, F: 20-Inch Zipper, Hooks and Eyes, 1/2-Inch Seam Binding. FABRICS: Moderate Stretch Knits Only. Lightweight Double Knit, Lightweight Jersey and Cotton Knit. Unsuitable for obvious diagonals. Allow extra fabric to match plaids or stripes. Use nap yardages/layouts for pile, shaded or one-way design fabrics. With nap and without nap. http://www.dressfunstore.com/vogue-patterns-v8685-misses-dress-size-aa-6-8-10-12.html Doll Clothes for 18" American Girl Dolls - 1860's Country Sunday Dress Complete Outfit FREE SHIPPING http://www.dressfunstore.com/doll-clothes-for-18-american-girl-dolls-1860-s-country-sunday-dress-complete-outfit-free-shipping.html Exclusively ours and sized perfectly to fit all American Girl Dolls like Addy & Ruthie and other 18" dolls - priced to buy! Includes purple check cotton length dress trimmed with eyelet. Dress features Velcro opening to easily dress the doll. Handmade straw hat with floral accents completes the outfit! Packaged in a re-usable garment bag with hanger! . Designed and manufactured by us - The Queen's Treasures! Just beautiful! http://www.dressfunstore.com/doll-clothes-for-18-american-girl-dolls-1860-s-country-sunday-dress-complete-outfit-free-shipping.html >Dress mens over clf md blk. Jobst for Men Dress Socks, 8 - 15 mmHg http://www.dressfunstore.com/dress-mens-over-clf-md-blk.html A stylish, comfortable men's sock. It's ribbed design makes it ideal for everyday work or leisure. Relieves tired, aching legs; promotes circulation; reduces swelling; and improves leg health. Generous toe area and knit-in heel provide an optimal fit. Order by shoe size. Latex-free. 1 pair. http://www.dressfunstore.com/dress-mens-over-clf-md-blk.html Disney Princess: Dress-Up (2nd Edition): A Sticker-Activity Storybook http://www.dressfunstore.com/disney-princess-dress-up-2nd-edition-a-sticker-activity-storybook.html Now readers can help Ariel get ready for a grand ball, choose Cinderellas outfit for the day, dress Aurora for her wedding, and more! This sticker-activity book has been updated with four new backgrounds, eightnew outfits, and some new accessories. Plus theres a beautiful new cover with glitter! With six backgrounds and 130 reusable vinyl stickers that include royally elegant dresses, jewelry, shoes, and tiaras, readers will have hours of fun dressing up their favorite princesses. http://www.dressfunstore.com/disney-princess-dress-up-2nd-edition-a-sticker-activity-storybook.html Flowered Dresses http://www.dressfunstore.com/flowered-dresses.html Flowered Dresses http://www.dressfunstore.com/flowered-dresses.html prAna Women's Nadia Dress http://www.dressfunstore.com/prana-women-s-nadia-dress.html When wearing your yoga pants all day won't cut it, slip into the just-as-comfortable prAna Nadia Dress. This knit dress features a flattering crossover neckline and soft fabric so you can be dressed up without getting irritable.<br /><br /><b>Product Features</b><ul style="list-style-type: disc; margin-left: 25px;"><li>Material: 67% Rayon from bamboo, 28% organic cotton, 5% spandex</li><li>Fit: Relaxed</li><li>Built-In Bra: No</li><li>Pockets: None</li><li>Length: 30in (76.2cm)</li><li>UPF Rating:</li><li>Recommended Use: Casual</li><li>Manufacturer Warranty: Lifetime</li></ul> http://www.dressfunstore.com/prana-women-s-nadia-dress.html Patagonia Morning Glory Dress - Women's http://www.dressfunstore.com/patagonia-morning-glory-dress-women-s.html You know those weddings where a volleyball game breaks out at the reception, or nights out on the town where you spend four frenzied hours on the dance floor? You need a dress for those occasions that not only looks fabulous but delivers some of the same performance you get from your athletic gear, a dress like the Patagonia Morning Glory Dress. This V-neck halter dress with an empire waist and feminine seaming is crafted from a stretchy, soft jersey knit with a brushed interior that wicks moisture and dries quickly. The Morning Glory's new, shorter hemline, which falls just above the knee, helps make it just right for any occasionelegant, rowdy, or a little bit of both.<br /><br /><b>Product Features</b><ul style="list-style-type: disc; margin-left: 25px;"><li>Material: 86% Nylon, 14% spandex</li><li>Fit: </li><li>Built-In Bra: No</li><li>Pockets: </li><li>Length: Above knee</li><li>UPF Rating: </li><li>Recommended Use: Casual, active, travel</li><li>Manufacturer Warranty: Lifetime</li></ul> http://www.dressfunstore.com/patagonia-morning-glory-dress-women-s.html Dress Up Rush [Game Download] http://www.dressfunstore.com/dress-up-rush-game-download.html Jane is all set to start her new business! She's opening an awesome boutique and wants to make it more that just a clothing store. Help Jane turn her boutique into a magic world of fashion where customers can enjoy their coffee, read fashion magazines and listen to nice relaxing music while choosing clothes from the newest collections! There are tons of upgrades to help you make Jane's boutique a gigantic success! Build your fashion empire today with Dress Up Rush! http://www.dressfunstore.com/dress-up-rush-game-download.html Medline AngelStat Step-In Scrub Dress - Ciel Blue, XXXL - Model 844NTHXXXL http://www.dressfunstore.com/medline-angelstat-step-in-scrub-dress-ciel-blue-xxxl-model-844nthxxxl.html Polyester/Cotton. Overlap back with snap closure at neck and center back to prevent gapping. Pleated at front waist; adjustable belt ties in back. Two pockets, one with scissors holder. Sizes XS-5XL http://www.dressfunstore.com/medline-angelstat-step-in-scrub-dress-ciel-blue-xxxl-model-844nthxxxl.html Maison Ikkoku - Dress You Up (Vol. 19) [VHS] http://www.dressfunstore.com/maison-ikkoku-dress-you-up-vol.html A game of dress-up soon turns into a full-blown Maison Ikkoku costume party, and even Kyoko's undergoing a radical transformation! Then, teased by her more sophisticated friends, Kozue longs to put the question to Godai - do you like me, or don't you? And she's got another plan, too - make Godai jealous through Mitaka! http://www.dressfunstore.com/maison-ikkoku-dress-you-up-vol.html Dress to Kill ( Crossing ) ( The Mafia Family Affairs ) [ NON-USA FORMAT, PAL, Reg.2 Import - Italy ] http://www.dressfunstore.com/dress-to-kill-crossing-the-mafia-family-affairs-non-usa-format-pal-reg.html Italy released, PAL/Region 2 DVD: it WILL NOT play on standard US DVD player. You need multi-region PAL/NTSC DVD player to view it in USA/Canada: LANGUAGES: English ( Dolby Digital 2.0 ), Italian ( Dolby Digital 2.0 ), ANAMORPHIC WIDESCREEN (1.78:1), SPECIAL FEATURES: Anamorphic Widescreen, Interactive Menu, Scene Access, SYNOPSIS: Fifteen years after he last saw him, Danny Cimmerman, a Toronto banker, comes back to Vancouver to say goodbye to his ethnic Croatian gangster father, John Cimmerman, who is on his death bed. Danny never approved of how his father made a living, the reason why Danny left town in the first place, and conversely John felt Danny was a disappointment. Regardless, John's death bed wish is for Danny to take over the family business and make it legitimate. Part of that entails Danny marrying Anika Nowak, the daughter of one of John's associates, Louis Nowak. The transition to legitimacy will not be easy as some friends and enemies may want to exploit what they see as a weakness in the organization during the transition. Danny is attacked one evening by two people who knew he was carrying a large wad of cash, which he guesses was organized by someone on the inside. Another of those hoping to take Danny down is a man named Angus Bunyan, aka Uncle Bunny, who knows a secret about Danny and wants proof to extort money from him. Uncle Bunny has one of his prostitutes, Davina Nicholson, insinuate herself into Danny's life by playing off his "secret" fantasies. Davina doesn't much like working for Uncle Bunny, but feels she can't get out despite having a secret straight life, including a fianc. As Danny and Davina start to fall for each other in however an unusual way it feels for both, Davina has to decide where her allegiances lie, and Danny has to reconcile his feelings for the multiple sides of his life which are battling each other. Beyond their http://www.dressfunstore.com/dress-to-kill-crossing-the-mafia-family-affairs-non-usa-format-pal-reg.html Fox Racing Marlena Dress Coat Girls Racewear Jacket - Color: Black, Size: Medium http://www.dressfunstore.com/fox-racing-marlena-dress-coat-girls-racewear-jacket-color-black-size-medium.html <ul><li>Dress to impress in Fox</li><li>Fox head pin on front</li><li>Button collar, pockets and back belt</li><li>70% polyester, 20% wool, 10% acrylic</li><li>100% polyester lining</li></ul> http://www.dressfunstore.com/fox-racing-marlena-dress-coat-girls-racewear-jacket-color-black-size-medium.html Decorated Mouse Pad with "black and white", Europe, king, royal, England, helmet, crown, "head dress", precious, "United Kingdom", ornament, jewels http://www.dressfunstore.com/decorated-mouse-pad-with-black-and-white-europe-king-royal-england-helmet-crown-head-dress-precious-united-kingdom-ornament-jewels.html Professional "Brite White" fabric mouse pads are among the most versatile and durable, providing brilliant graphic reproduction for spot color or full color imprints. This durable polyester surface is above industry standards and provides a superior product value overall. Designed to reproduce vibrant detailed images. Our mouse pads have white fabric top with the 100% genuine black rubber base (not the cheap foam your seen on other advertisements). http://www.dressfunstore.com/decorated-mouse-pad-with-black-and-white-europe-king-royal-england-helmet-crown-head-dress-precious-united-kingdom-ornament-jewels.html Dress-Up Fashion Games http://www.dressfunstore.com/dress-up-fashion-games.html Children spin the spinner, then collect Colorforms play pieces to dress their characters. Get ready for outrageous outfits! http://www.dressfunstore.com/dress-up-fashion-games.html 27 Dresses (Full Screen Edition) http://www.dressfunstore.com/27-dresses-full-screen-edition.html Katherine Heigl (Knocked up, TV's Grey's Anatomy) lights up the screen in this charming romantic comedy from the screenwriter of The Devil Wears Prada." Heigl stars as Jane, a romantic, completely selfless woman who has been a bridesmaid in no less than 27 weddings. Unfortunately her own happy ending seems to be nowhere in sight. Until her younger sister Tess captures the heart of Jane's boss -- on whom Jane has a secret crush inspiring Jane to change her "always-a-bridesmaid" destiny. http://www.dressfunstore.com/27-dresses-full-screen-edition.html Romantic Lace Doll Cocktail Dress Jewelry Stand Black & Pink 14 Inches http://www.dressfunstore.com/romantic-lace-doll-cocktail-dress-jewelry-stand-black-pink-14-inches.html The smaller version of our romantic lace jewelry stand. Featured two metal arms with small loops for hanging earrings and up-straight fountain like wire rack for hanging necklaces, bracelets and pendants. Measured 14 inches in height and this style is available in purple and hot pink. http://www.dressfunstore.com/romantic-lace-doll-cocktail-dress-jewelry-stand-black-pink-14-inches.html Princess Tea Party Glitz & Glam Dress Up Hat and Shawl Costume Dressup Set 60402 http://www.dressfunstore.com/princess-tea-party-glitz-glam-dress-up-hat-and-shawl-costume-dressup-set-60402.html It's fun to dress up in our Glitz and Glam costume set. Each set includes a satin shawl and pillbox hat with feather trim. http://www.dressfunstore.com/princess-tea-party-glitz-glam-dress-up-hat-and-shawl-costume-dressup-set-60402.html Seiko Men's SGEE95 Dress Black Dial Watch http://www.dressfunstore.com/seiko-men-s-sgee95-dress-black-dial-watch.html Broad links, stainless steel and simple black bring refinement to this Seiko timepiece. Watch features stainless steel bracelet and round case. Black dial with logo, silvertone hands, triangular indices, Roman numerals at twelve, six and nine o'clock and date window. Analog quartz movement. Water resistant to 30 meters. Three-year limited warranty. http://www.dressfunstore.com/seiko-men-s-sgee95-dress-black-dial-watch.html Kike Calvo Dance - Ballerina dressed up with her wedding dress, in possition with her ballet shoes - Greeting Cards-6 Greeting Cards with envelopes http://www.dressfunstore.com/kike-calvo-dance-ballerina-dressed-up-with-her-wedding-dress-in-possition-with-her-ballet-shoes-greeting-cards-6-greeting-cards-with-envelopes.html Ballerina dressed up with her wedding dress, in possition with her ballet shoes Greeting Card is measuring 5.5w x 5.5h. Greeting Cards are sold in sets of 6 or 12. Give these fun cards to your friends and family as gift cards, thank you notes, invitations or for any other occasion. Greeting Cards are blank inside and come with white envelopes. http://www.dressfunstore.com/kike-calvo-dance-ballerina-dressed-up-with-her-wedding-dress-in-possition-with-her-ballet-shoes-greeting-cards-6-greeting-cards-with-envelopes.html Green over Yellow Dress Metal Garden Fairy Gift Stake http://www.dressfunstore.com/green-over-yellow-dress-metal-garden-fairy-gift-stake.html Our adorable Green over Yellow Dress Metal Garden Fairy Gift Stake is a great accent to a potted plant. Add it to your yard art and she enchants all who see her! She stands 7" high and comes with a 10" stake. http://www.dressfunstore.com/green-over-yellow-dress-metal-garden-fairy-gift-stake.html The Yellow Dress (Instrumental) http://www.dressfunstore.com/the-yellow-dress-instrumental.html The Yellow Dress (Instrumental) http://www.dressfunstore.com/the-yellow-dress-instrumental.html Love to Dress Up 18" Doll Clothes http://www.dressfunstore.com/love-to-dress-up-18-doll-clothes.html <P style="MARGIN: 0in 0in 0pt" class=MsoNormal>Doll and sewing enthusiasts alike will enjoy this pattern collection thatisfull of cute, coordinated miniature outfits. This copiously illustrated manual gives crafters step-by-step instructions on how to use fabric from store-bought, pre-bundled fabric to create unique clothes and adorable accessories. From a fun pair of bunny pajamas to a bubble sundress, this collection will inspire even beginning crafters to join in on the sewing fun.</P> http://www.dressfunstore.com/love-to-dress-up-18-doll-clothes.html Disney Princess Magical Dress Up and Cinderella's Dollhouse http://www.dressfunstore.com/disney-princess-magical-dress-up-and-cinderella-s-dollhouse.html Cinderella's Dollhouse allows girls to try their passion for interior design, as they help Cinderella decorate the Chateau she shares with her stepmother and two stepsisters, and the Palace she lives in with her charming Prince. Girls can dress up the Kitchen, Parlor and Mouse House, three charming rooms located in the Chateau, then move on to the Palace to lavishly furnish Cinderella's Bedroom, the Garden and Ballroom. With hundreds of pieces of furniture, fixtures and accessories to choose from, players will never run out of new ways to create the ultimate royal pad. Once decorating is complete, girls can play in their dollhouse with characters from the beloved film, Walt Disney Pictures Cinderella, who come to life with a sprinkle of pixie dust. Players can move Cinderella and friends to any of the rooms, where they react to each other and the designs around them. AI provides unlimited and unpredictable responses from the cast and ensures that the same game is never played twice.Every little girl's dream becomes any girl's larger-than-life reality in the all-new Disney Princess Magical Dress-Up, where girls can appear on screen as the Princess of their dreams! With Ariel, Belle or Jasmine as their Princess guide, girls get to make their own My Virtual Model princess by selecting from several different hair styles and skin tones - they can even import a photo of their own face! Then magically mix and match hundreds of gown styles, sleeve accessories and jewelry to create a unique Princess look. Once becoming the Princess of their dreams, girls can explore even more enchanted words where additional accessories are waiting to be discovered! Features: Ariel, Jasmine or Belle is your personal princess guide, Use cool technology to create a personal 3D model of yourself, Pick from millions of Princess fashions, Create and print a princess story using characters, backgrounds, and colors, Explore the magical worlds of Jasmine, Ariel and Belle http://www.dressfunstore.com/disney-princess-magical-dress-up-and-cinderella-s-dollhouse.html Smartwool Corduroy Socks http://www.dressfunstore.com/smartwool-corduroy-socks.html Sport some comfortable and stylish socks at the work place with the Smartwool Corduroy Socks made from soft merino wool with a fine gauge rib knit these non cushioned socks will become favorites in no time.. http://www.dressfunstore.com/smartwool-corduroy-socks.html Fox Racing Hot Shot Girls Casual Dress - Color: Acid Green, Size: Large http://www.dressfunstore.com/fox-racing-hot-shot-girls-casual-dress-color-acid-green-size-large.html <ul><li>You'll be a hot shot in this Fox dress</li><li>Dip dye coloring fades along top area</li><li>Large feather design along front</li><li>Print continues onto back side</li><li>Accent foil details</li><li>Fox head loogo on chest</li><li>Multiple straps cross in back</li><li>100% cotton</li></ul> http://www.dressfunstore.com/fox-racing-hot-shot-girls-casual-dress-color-acid-green-size-large.html Activa Therapeutic Men's Ribbed Dress Socks 15-20 mmHg Black Large - H2563 http://www.dressfunstore.com/activa-therapeutic-men-s-ribbed-dress-socks-15-20-mmhg-black-large-h2563.html Activa 15-20 mm Men's Compression Support Dress Socks - Dressing Aids Great Looking and Feeling Legs! If standing on your feet all day or lengthy travel causes leg fatigue, ankle and foot swelling, mild spider veins and/or varicose veins then look no further. The Activa 15-20 mm Men's Compression Support Dress Socks provide the necessary leg support to improve blood circulation in your legs and are comfortable to wear all day long for both casual and dressy occasions. These are the Black Large H2563 http://www.dressfunstore.com/activa-therapeutic-men-s-ribbed-dress-socks-15-20-mmhg-black-large-h2563.html Kike Calvo Dance - Ballerina dressed up with a Spanish style orange dress, performing on a silver surface - Greeting Cards-12 Greeting Cards with envelopes http://www.dressfunstore.com/kike-calvo-dance-ballerina-dressed-up-with-a-spanish-style-orange-dress-performing-on-a-silver-surface-greeting-cards-12-greeting-cards-with-envelopes.html Ballerina dressed up with a Spanish style orange dress, performing on a silver surface Greeting Card is measuring 5.5w x 5.5h. Greeting Cards are sold in sets of 6 or 12. Give these fun cards to your friends and family as gift cards, thank you notes, invitations or for any other occasion. Greeting Cards are blank inside and come with white envelopes. http://www.dressfunstore.com/kike-calvo-dance-ballerina-dressed-up-with-a-spanish-style-orange-dress-performing-on-a-silver-surface-greeting-cards-12-greeting-cards-with-envelopes.html Devil In A Blue Dress: Music From The Motion Picture http://www.dressfunstore.com/devil-in-a-blue-dress-music-from-the-motion-picture.html Devil In A Blue Dress: Music From The Motion Picture http://www.dressfunstore.com/devil-in-a-blue-dress-music-from-the-motion-picture.html Dress Grey [VHS] http://www.dressfunstore.com/dress-grey-vhs.html Dress Grey [VHS] http://www.dressfunstore.com/dress-grey-vhs.html Blue Magic Conditioner Hair Dress, The Original, 12-Ounce Jars (Pack of 6) http://www.dressfunstore.com/blue-magic-conditioner-hair-dress-the-original-12-ounce-jars-pack-of-6.html Anti-breakage formula. Blue Magic Conditioner/Hair Dress is formulated to give effective hair conditioning for days without being greasy. Keeps hair natural and lustrous. Promotes a healthier hair and scalp condition. Use as often as you like. Made in the USA. http://www.dressfunstore.com/blue-magic-conditioner-hair-dress-the-original-12-ounce-jars-pack-of-6.html Devil in a Blue Dress [Region 2] http://www.dressfunstore.com/devil-in-a-blue-dress-region-2.html Despite rave reviews as one of the most stylish and intelligent detective pictures in a number of years, this 1995 adaptation of Walter Mosley's novel never found a mass audience. Too bad, because Carl Franklin's film is nearly perfect in every way, from its rich, shadowy look to its depiction of life in post-World War II black America (L.A.-style) to the acting of Denzel Washington, Don Cheadle, and others. Washington plays Easy Rawlins, an aircraft factory worker who is laid off only to find his true calling: as a private eye, albeit an unlicensed one. Hired to find a missing woman, he becomes entangled in a complex but satisfying case involving sex, corruption, racism, and of course money. Top-notch from top to bottom--and Cheadle is dangerously funny as Easy's best friend, a killer named Mouse. <I>--Marshall Fine</I> http://www.dressfunstore.com/devil-in-a-blue-dress-region-2.html Soulful Dress http://www.dressfunstore.com/soulful-dress.html No Description Available.<br><b>Genre: </b>Blues Music<br><b>Media Format: </b>Compact Disk<br><b>Rating: </b><br><b>Release Date: </b>21-AUG-1990 http://www.dressfunstore.com/soulful-dress.html Mizuno Men's Wave Creation 12 Running Shoe http://www.dressfunstore.com/mizuno-men-s-wave-creation-12-running-shoe.html SmoothRide engineered for the smoothest ride possible, the Mizuno Wave Creation 12 men's running shoe utilizes Mizuno Wave cushioning technology for superior shock absorption on impact. The air mesh upper provides breathability and comfort, while an X-10 outsole ensures longer wear in high-impact areas. http://www.dressfunstore.com/mizuno-men-s-wave-creation-12-running-shoe.html Simplicity 18" Doll Clothes Pattern 4347 Fits American Girl Dolls Like Molly Emily and Kit Style Dresses, Jumper, Vest, Shirt, Pajamas, Bathrobe, Skirt, Coat Hat/bonnet, Slip, Underpants! http://www.dressfunstore.com/simplicity-18-doll-clothes-pattern-4347-fits-american-girl-dolls-like-molly-emily-and-kit-style-dresses-jumper-vest-shirt-pajamas-bathrobe-skirt-coat-hat-bonnet-slip-underpants.html Simplicity 18" Doll Clothes Pattern 4347 Fits American Girl Dolls Like Molly Emily and Kit Style Dresses, Jumper, Vest, Shirt, Pajamas, Bathrobe, Skirt, Coat Hat/bonnet, Slip, Underpants! Make your doll a complete wardrobe! http://www.dressfunstore.com/simplicity-18-doll-clothes-pattern-4347-fits-american-girl-dolls-like-molly-emily-and-kit-style-dresses-jumper-vest-shirt-pajamas-bathrobe-skirt-coat-hat-bonnet-slip-underpants.html Green Green Dress http://www.dressfunstore.com/green-green-dress.html Green Green Dress http://www.dressfunstore.com/green-green-dress.html Toddler Pink Rose Ballerina Dress Up Costume http://www.dressfunstore.com/toddler-pink-rose-ballerina-dress-up-costume.html <![CDATA[Includes: Leotard with attached tutu and slippers. Hair ties not included.]]> http://www.dressfunstore.com/toddler-pink-rose-ballerina-dress-up-costume.html The Little Black Dress: How to Make the Perfect One for You http://www.dressfunstore.com/the-little-black-dress-how-to-make-the-perfect-one-for-you.html <DIV><DIV><P style="MARGIN: 0in 0in 0pt">Every woman needs it! The Little Black Dress is <I>the</I> ultimate timeless, failsafe garment. But where is a girl to find an LBD thats tailor-made, fits perfectly, and compliments her body? The answer: make one! Expert dressmaker Simon Henry guides even the sewing-impaired through the entire process. He explains all the materials and the techniques, and shows how to construct and fit a personalized body block that forms the basis for every pattern in the book. Choose from three classic styles: a chic shift, a fashionable wraparound, and an elegant strapless cocktail dress with a jacket and hat to match! </P><P style="MARGIN: 0in 0in 0pt"></P><P style="MARGIN: 0in 0in 0pt"></P></DIV></DIV> http://www.dressfunstore.com/the-little-black-dress-how-to-make-the-perfect-one-for-you.html Dressed to the Nines - Wedding Dress Mint Tin Discount Favors, 48 http://www.dressfunstore.com/dressed-to-the-nines-wedding-dress-mint-tin-discount-favors-48.html When filled with mints or other treats, these mint tin favors bring a breath of fresh air to your event plans From Fashioncraft's exclusive "Dressed to the Nines" mint tin collection, these metal tins with an elegant wedding dress design are a stylish addition to your tables. Also sold in a complementary classic tuxedo design, they're perfect to mix and match for all the ladies and gentlemen sharing in your special day. Wrapped in individual clear poly bags, each tin measures 2 " by 1 1/8" and makes a useful and cheery container for any number of small treasures once your guests take them home. Must be ordered in multiples of 50 (ie 50,100,150...) Almonds not included. http://www.dressfunstore.com/dressed-to-the-nines-wedding-dress-mint-tin-discount-favors-48.html Da-Lite 9' x 25' Square Format Portable Rental Screen Dress Up Kit with Adjustable Skirt Bar http://www.dressfunstore.com/da-lite-9-x-25-square-format-portable-rental-screen-dress-up-kit-with-adjustable-skirt-bar.html Attention to detail and polish defines your approach to boardroom presentations. Don't compromise your core presentation values when pitching your idea on the road; choose Fast-Fold Dress Up Kits to transform an ordinary stage into an attention grabbing presentation. Luxurious fire retardant cotton velour fabric with full box pleats lends a distinguished air to any Fast-Fold screen. Available in blue, black or gray, Fast-Fold Dress Up Kits are the answer for presenters who demand a professional looking and working screen out of the office. Count on the airline approved wheeled travel cases to protect your investment for years to come. http://www.dressfunstore.com/da-lite-9-x-25-square-format-portable-rental-screen-dress-up-kit-with-adjustable-skirt-bar.html Hypocrite in a Pouffy White Dress http://www.dressfunstore.com/hypocrite-in-a-pouffy-white-dress.html From the author of "Kiss My Tiara" comes a funny and poignant collection of true stories about women coming of age that for once isn't about finding a date. http://www.dressfunstore.com/hypocrite-in-a-pouffy-white-dress.html "Just Add Words" Little Girls Dress UP Theme, invitations http://www.dressfunstore.com/just-add-words-little-girls-dress-up-theme-invitations.html "Just Add Words" Little Girls Dress UP Theme, invitations http://www.dressfunstore.com/just-add-words-little-girls-dress-up-theme-invitations.html Buenas Noches Form A Lonely Room [She Wore Red Dresses] http://www.dressfunstore.com/buenas-noches-form-a-lonely-room-she-wore-red-dresses.html Buenas Noches Form A Lonely Room [She Wore Red Dresses] http://www.dressfunstore.com/buenas-noches-form-a-lonely-room-she-wore-red-dresses.html Fox Racing Backstage Girls Casual Dress - Color: Black, Size: Small http://www.dressfunstore.com/fox-racing-backstage-girls-casual-dress-color-black-size-small.html <ul><li>This Fox dress will definitely get you backstage</li><li>All-over logo print</li><li>Side slit hand pockets</li><li>Logo tab on pocket</li><li>Adjustable straps</li><li>55% cotton, 45% modal</li></ul> http://www.dressfunstore.com/fox-racing-backstage-girls-casual-dress-color-black-size-small.html Fox Racing Shelter Girls Casual Wear Dress - Color: Black, Size: Large http://www.dressfunstore.com/fox-racing-shelter-girls-casual-wear-dress-color-black-size-large.html <ul><li>Take shelter in this Fox dress</li><li>Choose from all-over print or logo design</li><li>Logo button center opening</li><li>Cinched elasctic back area</li><li>Straps can be tied around neck or in a bow</li><li>55% cotton, 45% modal</li></ul> http://www.dressfunstore.com/fox-racing-shelter-girls-casual-wear-dress-color-black-size-large.html Party Dress http://www.dressfunstore.com/party-dress.html Party Dress http://www.dressfunstore.com/party-dress.html Lace Garter Dress Black One Size Queen http://www.dressfunstore.com/lace-garter-dress-black-one-size-queen.html 2010 Dreamgirl Black Diamond Collection. Florence. Sheer Black or White floral stretch lace halter dress with attached garters and stockings. (Thong not included.) One size fits most 165-275 lbs. http://www.dressfunstore.com/lace-garter-dress-black-one-size-queen.html Scot On The Rocks (Red Dress Ink Novels) http://www.dressfunstore.com/scot-on-the-rocks-red-dress-ink-novels.html When her ex-boyfriend, Trip, gets engaged to Hollywood's latest It Girl, Manhattan attorney Brooke Miller plans to attend the wedding. Who says a modern girl can't stay friends with her ex? Besides, Brooke's got her sexy Scottish fianc, Douglas, to take as her date. Okay, so maybe he's not <I>exactly</I> her fianc, but they're living together in his apartment, so she'll be getting the ring any minute, right? Wrong.<P> <P>After a fight leaves her without a boyfriend (much less a fianc) just days before the wedding, Brooke faces the ultimate humiliation of attending her ex-boyfriend's nuptials alone. Desperate to find a replacement to fill Douglas's kilt, Brooke concocts an outrageous plan to survive the wedding and win the man of her dreams, all with her dignity ever-so-slightly intact. http://www.dressfunstore.com/scot-on-the-rocks-red-dress-ink-novels.html The Wedding Dress http://www.dressfunstore.com/the-wedding-dress.html A radiant wedding gown is hand stiched with love, in anticipation of Hannah's fiancee's return from the war. He is killed and the gown is packed away. Hannah hopes that someday the dress will be worn by someone with a love as deep as her own. Years later, she sends the dress to her nephew Travis. He is engaged to a beautiful but shallow girl and doesn't realize that his assistant, Zoey, is his true love. <BR> Travis' car is stolen with the wedding dress in it. This starts a chain of events taking the dress from the car thief, to a cab driver, to a struggling couple, to a second-hand shop, and to a dry cleaners where the dress is mistakenly sent to Madeline, a lonely woman, who finds love. The gown, then intended for a costume company, mistakenly gets sent to Joan, another woman who also finds love. Magically, the dress changes the lives of six brides, but the one couple that can truly fulfill Hannah's wish for her gown is still apart. Will the chain of events come full circle and reaffirm what a small world it can be when it comes to love? http://www.dressfunstore.com/the-wedding-dress.html CAROLINA HOSIERY / BROWNING Crew Length Fine Gauge Cotton Dress/Casual Wear Socks - Large Oatmeal 8389LO http://www.dressfunstore.com/carolina-hosiery-browning-crew-length-fine-gauge-cotton-dress-casual-wear-socks-large-oatmeal-8389lo.html Ideal for Dress and Casual WearArch Support for Added FitFlat Toe SeamBuck Mark On LegCombed Cotton Nylon Spandex BlendMade of 81 Percent Combed Cotton / 18 Percent Nylon / 1 Percent SpandexSold In Pairs http://www.dressfunstore.com/carolina-hosiery-browning-crew-length-fine-gauge-cotton-dress-casual-wear-socks-large-oatmeal-8389lo.html Kids In The Hall - Same Guys, New Dresses http://www.dressfunstore.com/kids-in-the-hall-same-guys-new-dresses.html Kids In The Hall - Same Guys, New Dresses http://www.dressfunstore.com/kids-in-the-hall-same-guys-new-dresses.html Lalaloopsy Fashion Pack Party Dress http://www.dressfunstore.com/lalaloopsy-fashion-pack-party-dress.html The LaLaLoosy rag dolls magically came to life, taking on the personalities of the fabrics that were used to make them. They live in a colorful, silly world, and its your childs job to keep the magic of their world alive.LaLaLoosy Fashion Pack, Party Dress * Adorable Bitty Buttons fashions * One of three styles available * Matching pair of shoes * Doll not included http://www.dressfunstore.com/lalaloopsy-fashion-pack-party-dress.html Truform 15-20 Mens Dress Overcalf, XL, Black (Pack of 2) http://www.dressfunstore.com/truform-15-20-mens-dress-overcalf-xl-black-pack-of-2.html Dress-style Support Sock, Over-calf, firm support for men. http://www.dressfunstore.com/truform-15-20-mens-dress-overcalf-xl-black-pack-of-2.html Kike Calvo Dance - Ballerina dressed up with a Spanish style orange dress, performing on a silver surface - Light Switch Covers - 2 plug outlet cover http://www.dressfunstore.com/kike-calvo-dance-ballerina-dressed-up-with-a-spanish-style-orange-dress-performing-on-a-silver-surface-light-switch-covers-2-plug-outlet-cover.html Ballerina dressed up with a Spanish style orange dress, performing on a silver surface Light Switch Cover is new and handcrafted utilizing unique process resulting in a stunning high gloss ceramic-like finish. <b>SET OF MATCHING SCREWS IS INCLUDED </b> giving it a perfect finishing touch. Made of durable metal material. http://www.dressfunstore.com/kike-calvo-dance-ballerina-dressed-up-with-a-spanish-style-orange-dress-performing-on-a-silver-surface-light-switch-covers-2-plug-outlet-cover.html Good Girls Don't Have to Dress Bad: A Style Guide for Every Woman http://www.dressfunstore.com/good-girls-don-t-have-to-dress-bad-a-style-guide-for-every-woman.html In Good Girls Don't Have to Dress Bad, Shari Braendel teaches you how to appreciate the body God gave you and how to always look your best---from conquering the battle of finding the right swimsuit, to choosing how many bangles you should wear or how big your purse should be, to wearing the right style jeans that will best flatter your thighs or hips, to finding the best places to shop to suit your unique personal style. Many of us are watching reality TV shows to get a clue on how to dress right and look good. We hungrily purchase fashion magazines any time the cover article has something to do with how we can hide our despised body parts. We make mad dashes to the local department store to pick up the new anti-wrinkle cream Oprah promised will take ten years away from our face. We care about how we look. Why is that? Because we're women, and women love to look and feel good. God made us that way. And this is not a bad thing. In fact, it's a wonderful thing. God loves beauty. He doesn't want us to reflect his image being sloppy, disheveled women of God who don't pay any attention to what we look like. Good Girls Don't Have to Dress Bad will show you how to look and feel your best, no matter what day it is or what the occasion. And it will also stop you from screaming at the top of your lungs, 'I have nothing to wear.' http://www.dressfunstore.com/good-girls-don-t-have-to-dress-bad-a-style-guide-for-every-woman.html Barbie Doll Dresses - The Princess Collection (3 Dress Set) - DOLLS NOT INCLUDED http://www.dressfunstore.com/barbie-doll-dresses-the-princess-collection-3-dress-set-dolls-not-included.html Your child's fairytale dreams are limited only by her imagination with these three stylish and quality-made gowns! Is it a night for a stunning ball gown, an elegant evening dress, or maybe for sophisticated fashion? Your child will love the choices! http://www.dressfunstore.com/barbie-doll-dresses-the-princess-collection-3-dress-set-dolls-not-included.html Seiko Women's SXDA29 Dress Silver-Tone Watch http://www.dressfunstore.com/seiko-women-s-sxda29-dress-silver-tone-watch.html This classic ladies stainless steel watch is accented with Roman numerals on the bezel. 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